This is not a blog.

This is a public forum. I am Thomas Pock. I am part of the Garden Faithful and so are you.

How do I know you are? Because if you’re reading this forum you clearly give a crap about the Rangers, and if you give a crap about the Rangers you clearly love hockey. There’s no grey area here. That’s what makes being a hockey fan in America so damn fun but so damn frustrating. Your obsession with your team is unique to a select group of people, which is cool, but what sucks is that your city’s media gives your team no respect. As a result, you have to work to follow your team. You can’t just turn on the TV or open a newspaper and satisfy your appetite for hockey news. You must seek it and earn it. And that’s what this forum will help you do.

It will be a confluence of opinions, news, comedy, anger, joy, frustration, vile cursing, man-crush admissions, parodies, and of course, discussion. So tell your friends, family and the smelly guy next to you in section 308. You are all The Garden Faithful.

(But if you dare invite a Penguins, Flyers, Devils or Islanders fan to join, you will be banned. We openly discriminate.)


2 thoughts on “This is not a blog.

  1. Unfortunately I will be taking a short hiatus before this site really starts to build its momentum. While away, I will eagerly look for a gradual reduction of playing time for fellow Blueshirts Brian Boyle, Ruslan Fedotenko, and Erik Christensen. (A complete removal from the team would also suffice) Of course, this is not a realistic possibility. It is however, the holiday season and appropriate to pray for such Christmas and Hanukah miracles. Happy Holidays to all and look forward to seeing you all after the break. Lets Go Rangers!

    -Jason Ward

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