Plan B Stands For Brown

While the Rangers have their eyes set on adding Rick Nash at the deadline and we are very big advocates of that, there is always the possibility that the asking price will be too high. Teams like the Sharks and Leafs will be making competitive offers as well as Monday gets closer. If Sather were forced to trade Dubinsky, one of Del Zotto or McDonagh, Kreider and a 1st rounder, it might be too much. He has reportedly been reluctant to include any of those guys except for Dubinsky in a deal. If that’s the case and Sather doesn’t pull the trigger it won’t be the end of the world, trust me.

Here is what we would do if the Nash trade falls through:

Trade for Dustin Brown: With the recent acquisition of Jeff Carter in Los Angeles and his reunion with former teammate/lover Mike Richards, it appears that the Kings are looking to shake things up. While they do love Dustin Brown as a player they feel that they don’t like him as the captain of their team and are looking to move him and ultimately make Richards the captain. Brown is available and the Rangers are reportedly interested. Having coached Brown with Team USA in the Olympics, Tortorella is already familiar with him. Brown is a Callahan-type guy and will have no problem adjusting to playing #TheRightWay. If the Rangers can make a deal for Brown (cap hit at $3.175 million for the next two years), without sacrificing any roster players or top prospects than this would be a great move. We have heard rumors of Tim Erixon and a 1st round pick going to LA which would be perfect. Given the surplus on defense Erixon is expendable. Dustin Brown would fit in nicely on a line with Brandon Dubinsky and our next recommended acquisition. Which brings us to…

Sign Chris Kreider: We keep hearing how great and untouchable this guy is and therefore if we don’t trade him at the deadline we would be silly not to at least bring him along for the playoff ride. His college season will be over the first week of April at the latest. I saw him play a couple times for Boston College when they visited UMass the last couple years and he definitely stood out. He was certainly an effective player who with his strength and speed was visible whenever he stepped on the ice. He could provide that spark that the Rangers are missing right now. He’s dominated the Hockey East Conference all year posting point per game numbers. While he has been reluctant to leave college he should know that an opportunity to be part of a long playoff run is going to be a lot more fun than whatever the hell he does over at Boston College. Sather would be foolish not to sign him.

Show Mike Rupp where the Skybox is located: Ah last but not least! “How are we going to make room for these new players?!” Is what you are probably all worrying about. Which brings us to Mike Rupp. Tortorella loves Rupp because he’s great in the locker room. But who says if you’re a healthy scratch you can’t come inside the locker room. The door to the locker room is wide-open Rupp! Come in take a seat, chill out and talk to the guys. But when it is time to start the first period, let’s direct him to the nearest elevator and right upstairs to the press box. There will be a bowl of popcorn waiting for him, maybe some iced tea, as well as the friendly faces of Mitchell, Wolski and Woywitka. Rupp has experience in the playoffs but to be honest if he isn’t fighting and plays 4 minutes a night he has no use out there. He has 4 goals this season and half of them were scored outdoors. That doesn’t help us because all playoff games will be played indoors, so therefore Rupp won’t be as useful.

The forward lines would look something like this:





By creating a 3rd line with scoring ability we become a deeper team. The 4th line will serve as a shutdown line and Tortorella can run all four lines with confidence. Kreider and Brown would give us more offensive weapons and could fit in nicely with this group. Not blowing up the team by trading roster guys could give the players assurance that they can win the Cup without a major deal and that management has faith in them. If the Rangers can somehow make the trade for Dustin Brown without sacrificing roster players or top prospects they should go for it. With the abundance of Americans in this lineup they might as well just wear “Team USA” jerseys for the playoffs a few times, which I also have no problem with. While I am still an advocate of a trade for Nash, I feel that these few moves would maintain the chemistry of the team and simultaneously make us a threat come playoff time.


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