Brandon Dubinsky, It’s Time To Step Up.

Brandon Dubinsky was traded to Hell today…

The trade deadline has passed and Brandon Dubinsky remains a New York Ranger. Like an alleged criminal who has been acquitted of multiple murder charges, Dubinsky has a new lease on life. He has 22 games and the playoffs to show us that he deserves the contract he was given last summer. He can show us that the first 60 games of this season were just a fluke. I believe that he can get back to being the player he used to be and fulfill his potential. For many of you who wanted him gone and had your Rick Nash jerseys pre-ordered (ME!), you may have forgotten what Brandon Dubinsky has done here over the years and what he is capable of bringing to the table. The guy has had a difficult year and it’s become easy to forget how valuable he was to this team prior to this season. This was supposed to be an obituary type article (Journalism 101…wrote this two weeks ago), but instead it’s an inspirational tribute.

Here are the Top 10 Brandon Dubinsky Moments courtesy of The Garden Faithful.

10. In Game 5 of the playoffs vs. the Devils in 2008, it was Dubinsky’s empty-netter that sealed it for the Rangers as they won the series in a tidy five games.

9. While the rest of the hockey world praised Sidney Crosby, it was Brandon Dubinsky who reminded everyone who he truly is.

8. Do you remember Sean Avery’s return to the Garden two years ago with Dallas? We all knew Avery would want to stir things up early. At the end of his first shift he stood in Lundqvist’s crease and tried to get in his head. It was Dubinsky who came in and told him The King would not be subjected to his antics.

7. When Artem Anisimov shot his infamous rifle at the Tampa Bay net, it was Dubinsky who stepped in when the Lightning attacked him. And when the refs were trying to speak to Anisimov in the penalty box (unsuccessfully, of course), it was Dubinsky who spoke up for his much less fluent teammate. (Fast-forward 40 seconds in.)

6. After a Sidney Crosby dive, it was Henrik Lundqvist who reminded Crosby to stop acting like a woman and to stay on his feet. But it was Dubinsky who reminded Crosby that no matter how much special treatment he gets in this league, he can’t touch The King.

5. Mike Richards might go to sleep next to Jeff Carter every night, but it is Dubinsky who he has still has nightmares about.

4. The Rangers were nearing another defeat at the hands of the Penguins, when it was Dubinsky who unleashed this beautiful toe drag and pass that set up Ryan Callahan for the game-winning goal.

3. When Alex Ovechkin tried to wake up his team at the Garden and hit Dan Girardi, it was Dubinsky who answered the bell as the two dropped the gloves at center ice for a memorable bout.

2. When the Rangers needed to win essentially every game at the close of last season to make the playoffs, it was Dubinsky whose game-tying goal against the Bruins catapulted the Rangers to a tremendous and unforgettable win.

1. In Game 3 of the playoffs vs. Washington last season, in a back-and-forth game, it was Dubinsky’s nifty goal that put the Rangers in front for good and put the Garden into an absolute frenzy. It remains the biggest goal of his NHL career.

If the Rangers are going to take that next step as they enter the last quarter of the season and the playoffs, it is Brandon Dubinsky who must step up and help lead this team. As you can see, he’s done it in the past and there’s no reason to think he can’t do it in the future.

Prove us right, Dubie.


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